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Motion Graphics​

Motion graphics are a fantastic way to communicate with your audience, providing added depth to your brand story while being extremely lightweight on your load times for apps and websites. Combining motion graphics with influential music and typography is a recipe for instant success, especially when explaining new concepts to users.

Below are some great examples of how we were able to use motion graphics for UX and app design, advertising and websites.

CEFA Early Learning 25th Anniversary logo
ChattyMatty Logo (Illustration, Design)

Matty is the key icon, inspiration and mascot for the ChattyMatty brand.

Matty is a unisex character that appeals to all. Matty is always portrayed as a friendly panda. Matty is capable of expressing many emotions. So anywhere Matty can express these emotions in a helpful manner, illustrations and animations can be created for this purpose. 

When used as a supporting animation, Matty can help demonstrate app functionality through various gestures and props. However, unlike the avatars in the ChattyMatty app, Matty only wears fur. Matty never dresses up in human clothing.

The inspiration and transformation from old-school telephone to Matty the helpful Panda. From Ringing Phone to Matty the Panda. Best Practices for Brand Identity Guides.