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It’s your identity.

Branding, Design, UX and Illustration.

If a tiger could design, it would use its sharp claws to create intricate designs and keen eyesight to ensure that every detail was perfect. Thankfully, this Tygher can—30 years of delivering top-notch Branding, Design UX, and Illustration services guarantees it!​

Services and Solutions

Brand Identity

It’s fantastic to meet you! If you’re seeking help with creating a powerful brand identity, I’m here to assist you. I will guide you in developing a winning brand strategy, crafting impactful product names, and creating engaging copy that will make your brand shine. My logos are fierce, and the imagery is tailored to your vision. While my typography may be bold like a tiger’s roar, it is always on-brand and completely unique. My striking colour choices will help you stand out in a jungle of competitors. I have a confident and expressive voice that will help your unique selling proposition roar. Let’s work together to take your brand to the next level and dominate the market like a tiger dominates its territory.

Graphic Design

Are you tired of blending into the background like a meek little kitten? It’s time to pounce on the competition with top-notch graphic design! I’m an expert in crafting powerful advertising campaigns that roar with impact and grab your customers’ attention. My visually stunning print materials will leave a lasting impression on your audience, and my product packaging skills are guaranteed to make your brand stand out on the shelves. Don’t forget about social media – I craft assets that will have your followers clawing for more! With design prowess and commitment to excellence, I’ll take your brand from timid tabby to fierce feline. Together, let’s work our magic, and watch as your competition scrambles to keep up!

Illustration + Motion

If you are on the lookout for visually captivating illustrations that are sure to grab your audience’s attention, then look no further! I illustrate icons to effectively communicate your message, and develop motion graphics to bring your brand’s story to life. With a deep passion for comic book art, my drawings are both eye-catching and engaging. Furthermore, I believe technical drawings should be well-thought-out when it comes to simplifying complex concepts, making them easy to understand. So if you want to make a lasting impression on your audience, give Tygher Design Company a try! Just between us, I’m a huge comic book enthusiast—ask me about how my comic collection inspired me to become an artist while enjoy a coffee together.

UX + Web

You’re in for a feast! With my extensive experience designing websites and applications, I can easily make your digital dreams come true! Crafting UX strategy, projecting project scopes, and creating solid structural designs flow through me like blood through a tiger’s veins. My UI skills are razor-sharp, so you can bet that your website will be nothing less than exceptional. I can build your website using WordPress or custom coding from scratch, guaranteeing a sleek and polished design fit for a king! If that wasn’t enough, I also provide custom apps using FileMaker, genuinely putting the ‘custom’ in ‘customer satisfaction.’ So, what are you waiting for? Let’s pounce on that project and unleash your business solutions!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

“I have worked with many designers over my career (though not nearly as many as I should have) and my interactions with Terry have been very valuable. He is a strategic thinker and can get beyond just he design into the Business and Information Architecture as well. I found this knowledge invaluable to me as a product owner/technical resource as I could interact with Terry to design optimal solution. These brain storming sessions allowed us to move the product to new levels. The outcomes from the front end through the back end database provided the clients with an excellent solution that they approved and moved into production.”

Picture of Jonathon McIntyre
Jonathon McIntyre

CTO, i-Open Technologies

“Oh yeah! Let me give you some amazing feedback on the name and logo for Dryvan. This afternoon, a CBSA officer saw our truck crossing for the first time. He goes to our driver, ‘your company name and logo are the best I’ve ever seen’. Then he pointed to another truck, KPS trucking or something. He’s like ‘what is that? Nobody will ever remember that’. ‘But your name and logo, I will never forget.’ Thanks Terry! We got exactly what we wanted … Our drivers take pride in the name and logo as well. It’s very fitting to the culture of the company and what we are trying to do. Straight forward and simple!”

Picture of Jimmy Dhaliwal
Jimmy Dhaliwal


“Tygher Design is not your typical firm. In fact, since 1990, the quality, care and attention the Founder has provided in a diverse range of sectors has been exemplary. We have used Mr. Gherman’s skills which are bar none. If you have a Vision, he has the equal artistic flair to complement your needs.”

Picture of Raymond Kisun
Raymond Kisun

Alexander Christian Business Development Corporation

“Terry truly understands what users are looking for; engaging, powerful, thought-provoking looks for systems and design. His styles helps guide users through simple navigation and intuitive processes. His designs truly improve the workflow for the sales and marketing teams.”

Picture of Anthony Weinmeister
Anthony Weinmeister

Sales Manager, WN Pharmaceuticals Ltd.