Branding, UX/UI, Graphic Design and Illustration Services in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia.

Providing insightful, colourful, bold, and stylish design solutions—while always putting your brand’s needs first.

You’ll benefit from a multi-pillared design approach for all design services and solutions ... Branding, Graphics, Illustration, UX, and Website Design. It’s a flexible and balanced approach that delivers top-notch creativity for all of your brand, product and UX/UI needs.

Chris Chelios Knows How to Prevent Sore Joints. Defenseman. Oldest Active Player. [Webber Naturals Fan]. (Design)


Your story, boldly told.

Branding of your remarkable story, logo, imagery, typography, colour palette, and voice.

  • story: strategy, product naming, and copywriting that makes your brand the star of the show
  • logo: simply designed
  • imagery: imaginative, while uniquely yours
  • typography: dangerous, yet succinctly on brand
  • colour: bold and appealing
  • voice: expressive, promoting your unique selling proposition
Package Designs for PGX DAILY Singles and On-The Go (Design)


Your design, with wow!

Thirty years of design gets you the experience needed to provide that unique wow factor.

  • advertising: campaigns, B2C, B2B …
  • print: brochures, posters, business cards …
  • product: packaging, displays, POP …
  • sales: sell sheets, promotion books …
  • social media: media and assets design


Your vision, illustrated.

Bold and colourful illustrations that will set your brand apart from the competition.

  • iconic: illustrated icons that convey meaning
  • animations: animated graphics that are playful
  • cartooning: my passion for comic book art is what started my love for all things design (ask about my comic collection)
  • technical: explanatory drawings that simplify complex concepts
Mobile and Desktop application UI designs for Polar Technologies (Information Design, UX, UI)

UX + Web

Your app, simplified.

Experience, Interface, Information, and Web Site Design. App Development.

  • UX: strategy, scope planning, structural design (business to information architecture—for data and application design)
  • UI: information, user interface, and navigation design
  • websites: WordPress, custom-coded sites
  • information: information design for all design needs
  • FileMaker: design and development for custom business solutions

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

“Tygher Design is not your typical firm. In fact, since 1990, the quality, care and attention the Founder has provided in a diverse range of sectors has been exemplary. We have used Mr. Gherman’s skills which are bar none. If you have a Vision, he has the equal artistic flair to complement your needs.”
“Oh yeah! Let me give you some amazing feedback on the name and logo for Dryvan. This afternoon, a CBSA officer saw our truck crossing for the first time. He goes to our driver, ‘your company name and logo are the best I’ve ever seen’. Then he pointed to another truck, KPS trucking or something. He’s like ‘what is that? Nobody will ever remember that’. 'But your name and logo, I will never forget.’ Thanks Terry! We got exactly what we wanted ... Our drivers take pride in the name and logo as well. It’s very fitting to the culture of the company and what we are trying to do. Straight forward and simple!”
“I have worked with a number of designers over my career (though not nearly as many as I should have) and my interactions with Terry have been very valuable. He is a strategic thinker and can get beyond just he design into the Business and Information Architecture as well. I found this knowledge to be invaluable to me as a product owner/technical resource as I could interact with Terry to come up with an optimal solution. These brain storming sessions allowed us to move the product to new levels. The outcomes from the front end through the back end database provided the clients with an excellent solution that they approved and moved into production.”
“Terry truly understands what users are looking for; engaging, powerful, thought-provoking looks for systems and design. His styles helps guide users through simple navigation and intuitive processes. His designs truly improve the workflow for the sales and marketing teams.”