A CASE STUDY: Product Naming and Brand Identity made simple.

How did we help our client choose their brand name?

Craft compelling product names for brand identities with this proven process.

Several steps had to be followed to choose a brand name that truly reflected our client and connected with their target audience. First, it was crucial to fully understand their business, values, products, services, and target market. Researching the logistics industry and the competitive landscape was essential to recognize naming trends, potential gaps, and specific opportunities for our client.

Next, we had brainstorming sessions with key stakeholders to come up with potential brand names. We evaluated these names based on memorability, uniqueness, relevance, and cultural considerations. We also checked trademark and domain name availability for the selected names. Ultimately, we found that “DRYVAN” was not yet being used as a brand name, despite it being a common term in the trucking industry.

Feedback and testing related explicitly to DRYVAN Logistics were crucial in the final selection process. Presenting the shortlisted brand names to DRYVAN Logistics’ target customers provided valuable insights and preferences. Ensuring that the chosen brand name resonated well with DRYVAN Logistics’ desired audience and aligned with the company’s brand strategy and positioning was essential.

Ultimately, selecting DRYVAN Logistics as a brand name that accurately represented our client’s vision and resonated with its target audience was a comprehensive and strategic endeavour that required careful consideration of various factors and diligent execution to achieve the desired outcome.

Illustrating the brand story for DRYVAN

Focusing on safety and pre-planning, DRYVAN can attract and retain reliable team members. We created isometric illustrations that demonstrate the DRYVAN Mission Statement.

Isometric Illustration of DryVan Logistics Truck in the yard. (Illustration)
Mutual Respect
Isometric Illustration of DryVan Logistics Truck in transit. (Illustration)
Open Communication
Isometric Illustration of DryVan Logistics Truck at the border. (Illustration)
Solid Teamwork
Isometric Illustration of DryVan Logistics Truck at the Warehouse. (Illustration)
Great Customer Service